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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Picking Peaches

I love shooting agricultural assignments. Its outdoors, and you work with some great folks. I have spent a lot of time with the Lanes and with Al Pearson at Big 6 Farms. I feel for them this year. The weather has hit them hard.

I have been shooting early peach picking for probably too many years. I try each year to do something a little different. Don't want the exact picture every year. Another challenge is how fast the pickers move through the orchards. I usually shoot most of my stuff fairly tight with a wide angle, trying to keep faces, hands and peaches in the photo. I shoot a lot from inside the tree, so the light gets really funky, constantly changing.

This year I shot more from a low angle, and also used the 70-200 trying to get a closeup of hands and peaches. I was able to get a shot showing a guy picking with both hands. Doesn't sound so difficult, but it really is. Also wanted a photo showing the unmarketable peaches left on the trees.

Every year I realize how I need to improve my Spanish. I can ask for names and usually make myself understood, and that is all. Also kinda like to know what they are saying about the short guy inside the tree with the camera. Seems to provoke a great deal of laughter. Or maybe I don't want to know.


misty said...

I really missed the boat with that first shot - you can't see the framing of the clouds in black and white but in color the composition really jumps out at you. Ditto for the one with both hands - not really noticable in black and white. How did you edit down your shots when you were looking only at film? Maybe when we're picking shots for the paper, we should do so at your computer, eh?

Alice J said...

Love them Georgia Peaches!
I have been in an art class at Hobby Lobby in Warner Robins since November 2006. My teacher is Sandy McTier. She has taught a class on painting peaches. We both have blogs.
Check us out at
Alice's Creations
Thanks and God bless you.

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