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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Clowns

I was at the Randy McMichael Football Camp in Fort Valley last Saturday and came up on this photo.
One of those that just seems to slap me in the face and say "Push the shutter button, stupid." I really
can't tell you what it is about the photo, maybe the fact that you don't see two clowns hanging out
together under a tree every day.

Something sinister about clowns out of context. Take em away from the circus, and you know something
is going down. Stephen King proved that little fact with "It"

The young man in the background is totally unaware of the danger at hand.

Isn't it amazing the play your imagination can have with a simple photo of two clowns.


Alex H. said...

I don't think the guy on the left has to worry. It looks as though the clowns are conspiring against the photographer. :-)

KeKe Mortson said...

Kool photo....

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