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Monday, July 2, 2007

Forgotten Treasures

Last week I did a photography program for the Airstream Camper folks at the Museum of Aviation. While
preparing for the presentation I went through a bunch of pictures selecting ones to use in my slide show.

Going through pictures, even from the last year is always a trip. Amazing how soon I forget what I have shot, always get some happy surprises. I also see some images, and ask myself why did I shoot that?

The presentation started kinda rough, my Mac didn't want to interface with their equipment, but Hal, Roland and Stephanie of the Museum staff got things worked out.

I rediscovered this photo from Jekyll Island's Driftwood Beach. I have always loved this image, the weathered wood, sky and sea. I really don't care a lot for scenic type shots, but this one has always been special. Just speaks to my old Pisces heart I guess.

Enjoy what you are shooting now, that is important, but don't forget to go back and find those forgotten
treasures that are waiting for you.


TwilightCompanion said...

Since most of my old shots are from high school and college, looking back on them kind of makes me see how far I've come. I've got better equipment now, and I've gone to more interesting places, but it's always nice to see a picture that is "ordinary" and remember that I'm still rather fond of that shot.

Thanks for sharing, Danny! I love that photo. I'm so into texture and things like that, that your picture of the driftwood is right up my alley.

Wilton Walton said...

Great work, Danny. It's always interesting to see how you (and your camera) interpret a scene. This is from your BK buddie, Notlaw Notliw.

KeKe Mortson said...

The Jekyll Island photo is awsome and really brings back some good memories for me....

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