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Monday, July 16, 2007

Water Drops

I went to Macon last week and helped Woody Marshall do a Georgia Press Association workshop
showing reporters how to shoot better pictures. Really had a great time, the group was really a bunch
of cool folks who were very interested in learning. Woody is a great teacher.

We went to Gateway Park to practice some of the tips we talked about earlier in the day. Coming back
we found kids in the fountain. Such a neat place for photos.

I shot one youngster playing with the streams of water. Shot the first one's with a higher shutter
speed, stopping the action. The last shot was with a very low shutter speed, letting the drops of water
blur, making long streaks.
To get the lower shutter speed, I lowered my ISO to 200, as low as it would go on my camera. I also
stopped down the lens aperture to compensate for the low shutter speed and the bright sun.
Made an interesting photo.

Take a look at Gateway Park, neat place for photos.

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