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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One of the frustrations that comes along with working for a newspaper is doing enterprise work that
you really like, but never gets published. This is one of those photos.

Sgt. Kevin Sparks of the Fort Valley Police Department invited me to come to one of their SWAT Team
training sessions several years ago. They were using a building in downtown for their exercise, coming down an alley to enter the building. It was twilight, really getting dark between the buildings. Made for a photo with a really haunting quality, with heavy shadows and a bit of blur due to the extremely slow shutter speed.

I did a little photo package, had a couple of news pegs to hang them on, but could not get anyone interested.
Later two other occasions came along where the picture could have been used but not to be.

So here it is, I can share it now.

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