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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sometimes it ALL just comes together. God just gives you a sweet picture.
This is surely one of those.

Monday morning I went out to cover Peach County High's band camp. They take frequent breaks because of the heat. I had missed a couple of shots with kids drinking water because I was in the wrong place. This kid turned up his water bottle and was pouring the water into his mouth. I eased off the shutter button as he lifted the bottle higher, and then in anticipation hit it again.

I was focused on the end of the bottle. As I hit this frame(Or digital equivalent) he moved the bottle and I lost focus.

The guy in the background made the photo happen. If not for his hair, the drop of water would not have shown up.

Sometimes it just happens.


Sue Sapp said...

You REALLY must be living right!

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet picture...

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