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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Still LIfe

Still life work can be an interesting challenge. You really don't have to look very far for a
subject, and your models never complain. You can use window light, off camera flash,
a constant light source like a tungsten bulb in a reflector. Just as long as it is a directional
light source. I have played with the new flourescent bulbs made for regular lamps and they work
quite well for photography. Even done some portraits using them. They put out good
light, and they are cool to the touch. No heat.

Doing digital, your light source is no problem, just adjust your white balance

Doing still life work you really want to play with your light, and have at least two light sources.
If you use window light, use a reflector to kick some light back in from the opposite side
from your main light source.

Be very aware of your background as well. No distracting junk in the background.

The syrup and melon balls are pretty simple, two lights. One from the side, the other pretty
much a backlight. Be sure your lights do not flare into the lens. With a constant light
source you can see where your light is falling. With flash, you may have to play with
the lights to get them right.

The peppers were a bit more difficult. I put the peppers in a metal bowl, put in some
lighter fluid and lit 'em up. I had already set my lights. I shot in a dark room, using a
slow shutter speed and an aperture setting to capture the flame and compensate
for the flash.

Try doing some still life work. Can be a lot of fun. Email me some of what you shoot.
I will post the best.

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