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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birds of Prey

These pictures are happy accidents. The owl a bit happier than the eagle. We went to Calloway Gardens last year mainly to visit the butterfly house. If you have not gone there with you camera, you need plan a trip. After the butterflies, go see the Birds of Prey exhibit. More cool photos, but just neat stuff. Later we went up the road from Calloway to a wild animal park for more great
picture possibilities.

When we came back I concentrated more on the wild animals and the butterflies. Didn't
hardly even look at the birds.

The birds (owls, hawks, an eagle with a funky beak) fly over your head during the show.
I shot these two pictures while they were in the air. I had my shutter speed too low, and got a lot of blur. The eagle almost works, wish his face had been a bit more in focus. The owl
is right on.

Anyway, go back an take a look at your old images every so often. You see how much
you have progressed in your skills, but you finds some hidden gems as well.

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