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Friday, January 18, 2008

Some Strange Pictures

I was looking through a folder of photographs from a trip last year to the Jarrell Plantation. Don't know why it had never occurred to be before, but I shoot some strange stuff. This is an odd way to look at an 1800's plantation. Really kind of an odd way to see anything, I guess.

That is why I can get so frustrated some of the time if I only travel with my little point and shoot. Oh, that is another revelation of late. Sometimes I need more lens that the point and shoot carries.

I like really wide lenses, and I like to shoot really tight with long lenses. Some of these images I see in my little head just won't work without extreme wide or long glass.

But why do I see things this way. Why is my eye pulled to cluster of thorns? Or a knothole? Maybe it's the voices......hello, hello, anybody there?


AlexH said...

Can't say why, just glad you do. You bring out perspectives most of the world simply overlooks. Keep listening to those voices, or should I say His voice. :)

TKeY said...

You take notice of what many may find insignificant. You bring objects to light with your photography. Wonderful work, keep doing what you do!

JM said...
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JM said...

I LOVE these pictures!

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