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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yikes, Toad-Like Reflections!!!!

I went to The Westfield Schools yesterday to photograph their
award winning debate team. This kind of assignment always makes me
nervous. How do you get a cool photo of a debate team? Don't want to just do a
line of folks holding a trophy. They may be kicking it in the competitions, but still....this is a debate team.

I had no idea how I would shoot the photo. Had several ideas during the day, sadly mostly dumb ones. As I gathered the team and their coach I had an idea. I shot the safe shot of the group with their Region championship trophy, then had the team sit on the floor, positioned the trophy on the floor in front of them, and shot the above photo. Pretty cool, eh.

All was well until I looked closer at my photograph. There I am, looking like a toad, reflected on the side of the cup. Oh, well.


Jo-Ann said...

How funny! Thanks for the early morning laugh!!

Elaine said...

You've made me chuckle. Now, to learn from your mistakes. Ha Ha.

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