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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Color For Color's Sake

I guess it is an awful thing for a photographer to admit, but I don't look specifically for color too often when I am shooting. Color usually doesn't figure in my choice of subject or composition. I see the picture as a whole, not pulled into the image by color alone.
The way the light plays in an image is more important to me.

These two photos are different. They are more about the color. That is what made me shoot them, especially the flag image. I know some people who do shoot for the sake of color. A lot of their images are based on color, both the composition and subject choice.

Nothing wrong with that.

I probably just spent too many years thinking and working in black and white. That is not a bad thing either. Hopefully I see the content more for what it is. The simpler the better. That is why so many of my images convert easily into black and white.

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