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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Little Leaguers

I shot these photos last August at the little league tryouts at Warner Robins American League. This was after the Warner Robins kids were on their way to the World Series. Interest was up, more kids were signing
up to play.

This was tryouts. Didn't expect to get anything really good. Should have known better. When you are photographing a bunch of kids, all you have to do is wait. Just be patient, and get down low, so you are at face level or below. Good images will come, Grasshopper.

My favorite is the top photo of the little boys waiting in line. So like a bunch of boys. All doing their own thing while they are waiting. One sitting on a bat, hanging on the fence. Another examining a bottle, some lost in thought, anticipating their time at bat. All I had to do was be there and be observing. The back light
does not hurt the image.

The coach giving the words of wisdom as the boy heads to the batter's box tells something about this
organization. I think it was important to the story. Another shot from a low angle, gotta see those little

Guess it is a big help that I am not much taller than they are.

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