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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Joys of Sharing

I have been leading a photo group at my church this past year. I have mentioned them before in my blog. We have been doing some day trips taking photos and having fun. Our last trip was to Providence Canyon over near Lumpkin, Georgia. If you have never been, check it out. Great photos and good exercise hiking through the canyon, and you can hit Yoder's Restaurant in Montezuma for dinner on the way home.

My wife Deborah goes with us quite often, but usually doesn't shoot any photos. She has a great eye and quite often points out photos to me. I have been telling her she should be taking pictures.

Elaine Dorsey, Patricia Pike and Ellen Foster went with us to the canyon. I know I am not much of a teacher but the four of them made me feel like I have done some good. Deborah used one of my cameras, and got some great images. The photo of Elaine, Patricia and Ellen are mine, the two cool photos are Deborah's.
All four of them have gotten good at seeing strong pictures in ordinary places. And not only are they seeing them, but they know how to capture what they are seeing.

In the beginning it was fun teaching this group, enjoying their enthusiasm to learn.
Next watching them take more chances with their photography, not being afraid to try
something totally off the wall. And then the fun of sharing new images.

It has been more rewarding for me than them I am sure. I know I am a better photographer for the experience. And that is what we are supposed to do. If you have a talent, find a way to share the fruits of your gift, but also help someone else nurture their's.

Can't wait to see how they all progress in 2008.

You can check out some of our photos at our website

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PATRICIA said...

It has been an amazing journey for me, and the great thing is it has only just begun!! Thank you for your patience with me! Patricia

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