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Friday, January 11, 2008

A Moment To Remember

There are days and assignments that I will never forget. Sometimes my mind goes back to them. Don't know why they come into my memory at odd times. I know why I won't forget them though.

The above photograph was from one of those days. One of the most intensely emotional afternoons I have ever spent. I was in Judge Ed Lukemire's Houston County court room. It was the end of a murder trial. Benny Dunham and two friends were on trail for killing Robert Daughtry. A really senseless murder, but aren't they all?

Benny Dunham had just been found guilty of murder, and sat at the table with his attorney Althea Buafo. The jury was out deciding his fate.

All three defendants were in the courtroom, their families and the family of the victim. All very much in pain, but all sharing the pain of the other families as well. The hurting was overpowering. I can not even begin to imagine what thoughts were going through this 19 year-old convicted murderer's mind as he waited to hear his sentence. His attorney reached out to comfort him. What a moment of compassion.

I hope readers were able to feel that spot of kindness in an otherwise very sad story.

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Suzy said...

This is my first time to your blog,and you story and photo touched this mother's heart....

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