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Monday, January 14, 2008

Go Fish

Last Wednesday afternoon I was headed to Perry for an assignment. I usually go
what I refer to as the back way-out Moody Road onto Houston Lake. Less traffic and much prettier scenery.

As I passed passed Houston Lake I looked over toward the boat ramps. I always do, never know what you will see. Bright color caught my eye. Lawn chairs and large plastic buckets. The overcast sky just made them pop.

I didn't have time to stop, so I was hoping the fishermen would still be there after my assignment was done.

I came back later and found Demorie Ellington and his fiance Lindsey Royal fishing. My first shot was with a telephoto, tried from 200mm to 500 and it just didn't work. I moved in with my wide angle and got the shot of Demorie casting.

My original assignment was to photograph Kim Greer at Go Fish. Glad this one didn't get away.


new camera said...

I just got a new, Nikon D40x, and I'm wondering what I can do to take full advantage of the camera. I want to use all of the features, but I'm not quite sure what they mean. I've read the manual, but it's a little dry and doesn't do a good job of explaining what is what.
Can you recommend any exercises I can do to get familiar with my new camera?

Danny Gilleland said...

After reading the manual, try these online tutorials:

then get out and start shooting, take a notebook along and record your exposures, type light, and other bits of info relating to your shots. This way you know what you have done when you view your images.

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