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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blue Birds of Happiness

This is another picture that I had misplaced until last night while looking through pictures.
Another of those lost treasures. This one a treasure on many levels. I shot this one Saturday in my
Mom and Dad's backyard. My Dad died five years ago. This photo was one of his favorite things.
He had a mouse pad with, and a framed print hanging in his den. It is still on the wall.

He had been watching these blue birds and their baby for quite a while. He told me about them soon
as I arrived. After we visited for a while I grabbed the 300 and got as close as I could to the bird house.
This photo took about an hour to shoot, but was so worth it.

I can still see the joy on his face when I gave him that framed print. Made us both really happy.
One of the cool things about photography is the fact that it is so easy to share.


Alex H. said...

Great story Danny. Must be nice to see your work touch someone like that, especially in this case where that someone was your dad. Beautiful photo also.

Liz said...

I can testify to Danny's work touching folks. While I was still dating my husband, who loves peacocks, he told me about a fabulous photo he'd seen in The Telegraph years before. I did some research and learned Danny had shot it. He found the negative and I bought a poster-size blow up that I had professionally mounted and framed as a gift. It hangs in a place of honor in honor in our garden room.
Thanks Danny for taking the time to wait for a shot and even getting down on your knees or lower to share some of the bounty of God's beauty here on earth.

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