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Monday, August 20, 2007

Heat Photos

Last week I shot football practice every almost afternoon. It amazes me that these guys can do what they do in this heat wearing pads and helmets. The coaches really look after them, taking frequent breaks for water
and to cool down.

I wanted a heat feature from the Houston County practice Tuesday afternoon. We had run a bunch of
heat photos already so I wanted something different. We had run pictures of folks sweating and drinking.
I wanted to get the sun in the picture,but how do you get the sun in the photo at 4 in the afternoon?
You get down really low.

I waited until until they were running an agility drill so I could get down low without getting run over. For this drill They were running the length of a ladder shaped chain, like the old tire drill. This was I could anticipate their path in relation to the sun, metered for the sky and sun so the players would silhouette
against the sky.

I kept enough detail in the player to see his numbers and to see the swoosh on his shoes. The swoosh
showing up seems important in the photo to me. I also wanted the detail in the ground to see the chain.
The coach and other players in the background really add to this frame.

Just to finish out the idea, I did a detail shot of the player drinking. Like the low angle again for the
detail not seen in a photo from a higher angle. Put the two images together and the idea works pretty well.

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