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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Reflections make such cool images. Lots of times the trick is to find the right angle for the best composition.
This was at the Camellia Gardens at Marshallville. I went down with my photo group from my church. We had gone back to the Koy pond. I saw the reflection while standing but it was really cluttered. This was shot with my 70-300 at 300mm. I had to lay down on the rocks to get this angle. It was worth working for.

Really low angle shots are a different look for most people's portfolios. Can make for a more dramatic image,
and lots of folks never think to kneel down, or lay down to get the shot. Being short, guess it is a natural
perspective for me. I can't shoot if I don't kneel down at some point.

So, be flexible with both your imagination and your body.

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Sue Sapp said...

That's a stunner. Really beautiful. My only problem is sometimes it takes me a while to get back up after getting down to get a shot.

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