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Friday, August 10, 2007

Devine Inspiration

Quite often to check my exposure and color balance I will photograph my hand.
It is easier than trying to find someone or explaining what I am doing. People already think I am kinda crazy.

Anyway, I was at the Warner Robins High practice field, laying on the ground when I shot it. The angle and the perspective of ground and sky makes it look like the hand of some drowning victim reaching for help.

I saved this image because that is really how I was feeling that day. I was shooting a football tab cover and had been worried about what I was going to shoot and how to make it work. I was using a fairly new open bulb flash. I knew that my regular lights would not work due to the wide lens I was shooting with....well enough of that. We will save that for another blog.

Anyway, my idea worked, I got the shot. And I really like this photo. Think I will keep it around for inspiration

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