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Monday, August 6, 2007


If you are getting a little bored, and want to try something a bit different, try a
Lensbabies Selective Focus SLR lens. Guess one is just a Lensbaby.

Photos shot with a Lensbaby have one area that is sharp, referred to on the Lensbabies website as the "sweet spot surrounded by gradually increasing blur."
Images done with these lenses have a distinctive look, almost like a pinhole
camera. Just like any after market lens, you buy for your specific camera. You can use them on film and digital SLR's.

Autofocus does not work, and neither will your auto exposure modes. Gotta focus and set you own exposure manually. You do have a few aperture choices, but you have to change a disk with a hole inside the lens. This only takes a few minutes.

To focus, you pull the lens in, or push it away from the camera. To move the sweet spot, you just bend the lens. Really simple. A lot of fun.

These are a lot of fun to play with. Check out their website at

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