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Friday, August 31, 2007


We have been following up all week on the Warner Robins World Series winners. Tuesday I photographed
Payton Purvis relaxing at home for a story one of our writers was doing. The same writer was doing another
story about the huge increase in signups of Warner Robins American League Fall Ball due to the World
Championship. I went out Tuesday evening for their tryouts.

Some assignments you have to struggle to find pictures. This one I could not walk for shooting. And such
a neat bunch of kids, just being little boys. The guys in line, one kid balanced on his bat, another guy totally absorbed on his water bottle label.

The adults working with the players, boosting their confidence while keeping everything going smoothly.
Kids and baseball, summer in America. How much better can it get? You could not pose this stuff if you wanted to. Go shoot candids, use a long lens for some shots, but get in tight with a wide angle, too. Keep it real and you just can't go wrong.
I was really happy with my images from this one. Guess some other folks liked 'em too. Same pictures ran on the front of the HoustonPeach and as 1-A centerpiece. OOPS.

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