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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Election Nights

Shooting elections can be really rewarding, and also very frustrating. Local elections can go fairly quickly, but when you are covering candidates where votes are coming in from multiple counties, things can really drag on. And if you are photographing the loser, it can make for a long night.

Last year I covered U.S. Congressional candidate Mack Collins on election night.
You get to where ever the candidate's election night celebration will be held fairly early and then you wait. You also find a good spot for your laptop, and hope for DSL. Often candidates make appearances during the evening, visiting with the faithful. When they appear, you shoot like crazy. You also shoot whatever else looks interesting, knowing that half of what you shoot will never get used(unless you do a blog). Send some pictures early, but you are waiting for the big moment.
It helps to know who the important folks like campaign managers and spouses are. You chase them around a lot.

Then as the end nears and a winner is obvious, you wait for the candidate to make their final appearance. Winners usually pop up faster than the losers. You shoot like crazy again, being rude, getting in the TV folks way. You pray for a shot that shows some emotion.

Then you hit the laptop trying to make deadline. Now days the copy desk folks are amazingly patient. The last hour is the fun part, knowing when you get the picture, jumping on the laptop and sending that puppy home.

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