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Friday, August 24, 2007

Which Picture?

I shot the Warner Robins Peach County scrimmage last week. Had some pretty good luck for the first
football of the year. Always a bit rusty the first couple of games, so it was good to shoot before the
first Friday night.

I had this missed pass I really liked. Then I had another incomplete pass. Shot a burst on it, and had
a really hard time deciding which photo to use. Both so very close, the main difference is that the Peach
County receiver's hands are closed in the last frame. I finally turned in the one where both guys are still
reaching for the ball. There is a flow in it, the hands reaching toward the ball. In the other photo, is
is over. Still not sure which one I should have used.

Guess I was not the only one have an off night. The official didn't call this facemask either.

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