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Thursday, April 10, 2008

All You Need Is A Grand Piano.....

My first assignment of the day today was at photograph
the newly renovated Spruce Street Auditorium in Fort Valley.
The old school auditorium was a popular community gathering place
but had suffered from some years of neglect. This weekend
there will be a dedication ceremony.

When I arrived there were folks working outside, and they made a nice
secondary image. I needed something showing the inside. I walked in and
saw this wonderful grand piano up on the stage. Knew I had to have it in my picture.

I shot it from the back of the stage. I wanted the auditorium in the background.
I started out right up over the piano, with the lights reflecting in the polished wood.
It was okay, but I wanted Grand dominance. I backed up and shot from the floor
getting the image above. Not bad, but would have been better with people in there

Then the side stage door opened and the two workmen appeared. i shifted around a bit and got the first guy framed in the doorway. Kept shooting as they came in, and really like this one. The open doorway and the light spilling across the floor really makes this one pop.

And you can't beat a grand piano.

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