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Monday, April 14, 2008

Special Olympics, And Having Fun

I photographed the Houston County Special Olympics Last Friday.
What a great time. This is one of the neatest things I shoot regularly.

So many enthusiastic people, both contestants and their teachers.
The kids all are there for friendly competition, to try their best and have a good

That is a lesson for all of us. The way we should be living our lives every day.
You try your best at all you do, and have a good time doing it. Guess
we can't all be photographers.

And speaking of photographers, Gary Harmon and Donna Arledge-Segelken were both shooting. Always makes me a bit sharper when I am hanging out with other photographers. I am still not sure what Gary said to make that woman use the Olympic Torch to keep him at bay. Maybe she was protesting Gary? Can' t take him anywhere.

So, go have some fun. Every picture you shoot should be for you, no matter the circumstances. It should be fun.

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