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Monday, April 28, 2008

Uggghh, Another Boring Photo.....

I cover most of our assignments at Robins Air Force Base. Seems like most of the press conferences I shoot are there. I did one last week. Major General Tom Owen and Col. Warren Berry were announcing the results of their huge readiness

Press conferences are usually pretty predictable, and visually boring. I hate turning in boring photos. Sometimes I guess I go a little overboard
trying to do something different, something other than a talking head.
Sometimes that is all you end up with.

The military expects a bit more decorum than the Mayor, so I don't get too weird with what I do. I shot all the angles, tried shooting low with the egg crate architecture and it didn't work.

Finally shot the two officers on the monitor of the base videographer's camera. This was shot with the 80-200, so no depth of field. They were out of focus. I really wanted to shoot with the 17-55 but I would have had to push the videographer out of the way, and figured she would probably kick my butt.

Well, it kinda worked.

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