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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finding the Right Perspective

Monday evening I went to Byron to photograph the new fire chief being
sworn in during a city council meeting. . The photo was to run later in the week in our Houston Peach section. Since this was the first city council meeting being
held in the city's new municipal building, our editors decided I should shoot
some "new building" art for the next morning's paper.

You can't hardly have photos of a new building without showing the exterior.
Building shots are usually so boring. I had intended on shooting the mandatory building mug and then shooting something of folks interacting inside before the meeting.

It was raining lightly when I got there, the pavement in front of the building had a
little shine. I knew I wanted to shoot from a low angle and make use of the two wings. I only had to wait about five minutes for someone to walk in. Glad he came from my left side, perfect position for my planned composition. He fits right in with the lines of the building.

I went inside and got a look at the staircase. Wow. Pretty cool for Byron. I shot some stuff in the council chamber, kinda showing the interior. Really liked the little girl on her mom's shoulder but it didn't quite fit.

I left the meeting and my timing was great again. These folks were leaving behind me and I had just enough time to get set for their descent. I shot one and then dropped my angle of view to get rid of some of the window. I like it with less window and also was able to get the medalions lined up.

Shooting architecture is a good exercise for your composition skills. Go find a neat building and see what you come up with.

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