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Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday's and Doggie Kisses

I ventured over to Fort Valley State this morning to photograph the Irish Water Spaniel Club of America's Variable Surface Tracking Dog Test. This is one of the steps of a dog to be certified as a search and rescue dog. Really a different event to shoot. One dog handler who was participating said "It's about like watching paint dry." Not super action, just a trainer and a dog following a scent.

It was fun hanging out and watching. After watching the first team I knew I had to have a reaction shot. Probably the old doggie kiss. I followed Suzette Jett and her Weimaraner Nani's Cool Your Jetts as they followed the trail. I knew where they would end up, so I got fairly close to the end of the 700 yard trek.

I had some good shots and was about 100 yards from the end of the course when my camera went wack. Push the shutter release, and nothing happened. My brain stopped about the time the camera did. Pushed the shutter release again and the shutter fired about 10 seconds later. Panic. I checked the battery, made sure my lens was locked in place, and tried a new memory card, Then realized that the Mode Dial was turned to self-timer. What a dope. Anyway, I got squared away and got the doggie kisses. It is Monday.

So, now to use the sweet petite lick or the face washing slurp?

The Irish water Spaniel Club and the Peach Cluster Dog Show will be happening all week at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. Great opportunity for photography.
Check their website at
for more events.

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