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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Keep Your Eyes Open, Dude

I have written about groundbreakings before. We don't shoot them too often, but sometimes you gotta. Peach County's school board squabble has been big news this year as they fought over where to build new schools. That made the groundbreakings a bit more newsworthy.

The only thing worse than shooting a groundbreaking is doing two in one day. Well, I shot two yesterday, and managed to get some different images from them. I went early and shot anything that made a photograph(and a few that didn't)

As the board members and other dignitaries collected their shovels and moved into position for the dirt throwing, board member Wright Peavy came up behind fellow board member Jody Usry pretending that he was going to whack him withthe shovel. Guess he was pretending. Made a nice, really different shot.

Another really different shot was the one below of Usry and Peach Commission chairman James Khoury framed between two shovel. Had to get down under a table to shoot that one. Not bad for an old man. This was after the ceremony was over, and people were beginning to leave.

Guess the lesson here is always keep your eyes open, and a camera in your hand.
Be ready when that spontaneous moment comes along. And it ain't over until you drive away.

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