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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Help For Junky Backgrounds

I went out last week to do a group shot of the Peach County Girl's
Relay. Wanted a nice portrait of the group. Wanted something
with a little pop to it. Not just another boring group shot,
something that said relay.

The track suits and baton took care of part of the problem.
The time of day was bad because I had some really nasty shadows.
The background was not a big help either.

I shot the first photo, low angle, sun over my shoulder.
The pose was pretty good, but the lighting and the junk in the
background had to go.

I moved in and shot one from up close and low. The background
was now the sky. Much better but still lots of shadows.
I turned them around with the sun coming over their shoulder
and poped in a fill flash. Used my off camera sync cord and held the
flash as high as I could.

I wished I had brought my light stands and radio trigger, but this worked
pretty well. Now you look at the picture and the four gilrs are what your eye
goes to. No junky background to compete.

The sun adds another nice element, a complimenting element. And when
you shoot up with a flash this way, the sky is awesome.

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