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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Fit For Publication??????? EXCUSE ME!!!!

Over the years there have been a few times that my pictures have been deemed
"not appropriate for publication in a family newspaper" by our august editors. Usually was something involving a dead body. Some of those I could understand, some of them I argued for publication. I always felt that it was my job to document what I saw, and the editors' job to decide if it should be in the paper.

The photos accompanying this blog were done some years ago at the request of our Features editor at the time. Joey, a local female impersonator, was doing his last performance at a Macon club. I was asked to photograph him for a story that was planned for a later Sunday front. My first thoughts were "Wow, what a cool assignment" followed by "The Telegraph ain't gonna run this." I expressed my doubts and was assured this was a done deal.

I spent quite a bit of time following Joey on this last Saturday. Me and my cameras were accepted with no problem. Everyone was cool. I shot a ton of film, and and my final edit was about twenty images. All quite tasteful. No duct tape. A really strong photo package.

I turned the pictures in knowing everyone was gonna be thrilled with the results. Wrong. Asked the Features editor how he liked them, and the reply was "We can't run these in a family newspaper." What did they expect?

So alas, they have been stashed away for long years now. A friend suggested I use them in my blog. Nice to finally display them.


Penny said...

I'm not sure I understand why they couldn't be published. That's lame.

Sharon's New Life said...

I'm glad you were finally able to run these photos... they are great like all of your photos.
I miss seeing your great work in the newspaper every day, but it's great to see it in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny! Those were great photos and the blog about it was nice too. Its funny, how newspapers are to tell a story and not be bias, yet bam! Either way, Im glad you took them and the story shared. Nicely done.

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